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Liverpool's Industries
Over the course of 800 years Liverpool has changed from being a small fishing village to a city with international trading links. During this time many of its industries have come and gone. Liverpool 2007 provides links to sites that explore the diverse nature of Liverpool's industrial heritage. Do you have a history of a Liverpool industry? Why not email us and let us know.

From Kitty Wilkinson to Doctor Duncan Liverpool has had its fair share of social pioneers that played a key role in changing the fabric of the city. Do you know of an individual that played an important part in shaping modern day.

Liverpool is a city of migration and movement. The modern history of Liverpool begins with the building of the first dock in 1715. From this time onwards Liverpool's involvement with slave trade grew dramatically; from 1760 onwards Liverpool became the dominant slave trade port. Thus from its early development Liverpool was based on trade that brought multifarious influences from different cultures which in turn has shaped the outlook of the city.

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